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Welcome to Heights Audiology & Hearing Aids

Our Audiologists and Dispensers are committed to improving the hearing of our patients through hearing instruments and through hearing loss prevention. We provide a healthier, happier, more sociable lifestyle for all ages.
Hearing aids are designed to help improve communication and allow people to participate in the activities they enjoy. Heights Audiology in Houston Texas dispenses a complete range of hearing aids, including state-of-the-art programmable and digital technologies in a variety of hearing aid styles.

Following a comprehensive evaluation, our licensed and certified Audiologists and Dispensers will discuss the styles and technologies that are available and most appropriate for your communication needs. Throughout the fitting process, the professionals at Heights Audiology will provide counseling on the use and care of your new hearing aids as well as make fine-tuning adjustments and modifications to assure you receive maximum benefit.
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Paula Watson, AuD,CCC-A

Doctor of Audiology

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